What MyFullness really is?

Mindfulness is a basic human quality or ability: An awareness attention to the experience: Impartial, Curious, Accepting & Non-Judgmental

MyFullness is an adventure, a dream, a journey that offers Mindfulness to people to feel present to their lives, to feel alive and close to themselves.


Why Mindfulness?

Over the last twenty years there has been an exponential increase in research on Mindfulness. Although it is the beginning, thousands of articles demonstrate that mindfulness practice changes subjective and psychological states. The inmune system gets stronger, as reflected by an increase in the number of cells fighting infection. Brain activity changes, moving towards patterns that coincide with calm yet focus states of attention. Brain structure itself seems to change among longtime meditators, gray matter (the tissue containing neurones) is thinker in certain brain regions compared with non meditators. On a more subjective level, feelings of anxiety and depression decrease, well-being improves and relationships towards self, others and the planet are healthier.

This evidence indicates that mindfulness can be learned like any another skill and that the practice of mindfulness may be a powerful way to affect neuro-plasticity -the brain ability to form new connections in response to the environment.


Mindfulness at any place, at home, in the workplace, in nature…


Mindfulness in the workplace?

One of the most surprising and promising trends in business today is the rise of Mindfulness in the workplace. “At first, the notion of yoga and meditation in the office seems like the province of startups where employees bring their dogs to work and play football in the lobby”, David Gelles, “Mindfull work” 2015. But in recent years, Mindfulness has gone mainstream. This is because Mindfulness has tangible benefits: meditation reduces stress & anxiety while increases mental focus, creativity and empathy.


Mindfulness in Nature?

The benefits are unlimited when we approach nature, you can experience it yourself, after a walk in the woods things seem to go much better.

Many scientific articles confirm that spending time in nature have psychological effects (such as mood, creativity, vitality, optimism, vivacity, …) but they are also physiological indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol (stress hormone) which all are radically reduced.

Mindfulness in Nature is a series Nature-based meditation practices. It is a unique way to be in Nature, with a contemplative presence and a receptive open quality of awareness that allows rich sensitivity and connection to the natural world. From that your deepest qualities of insight, clarity and understanding may arise.


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