Fill you up with spring

 In Empathy, Meditation, Mindfulness, Nature, Stress

A 5-Minutes Spring Awakening Practice:

      • Go outside (or stand at an open a window) and close your eyes,
      • Take three deep breaths, focusing your attention on your body,
      • Notice the spring air, coming in and coming out your body,
      • Open your eyes,
      • Scan the spring landscape all round you, notice the colours, forms, lights, flowers, trees, plants, birds,…
      • Notice all fragrances in the air,
      • Silently, close your eyes, keep your attention on your body and notice how your body meet the aliveness wilderness and the awakening nature
      • Stay a few minutes holding all the sensations within you,
      • Before closing your practice, fill yourself with a sense of gratitude for this new day,