MyFullness in Nature
For groups and individuals “Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better” Albert Einstein Méditation de Pleine Conscience à Paris et à Fontainebleau
Myfullness for Organizations
To reduce stress and improve wellbeing, concentration, empathy, communication and leadership skills
MyFullness for individuals
Together we can customise your training and learning
MyFullness for you
Mindfulness, a tool for your daily life


The mind training

Modern life is not easy, things go faster and faster. New technologies catch our attention endlessness, we run, we often get lost in thoughts, concerns, projects, we miss the moment and even we may feel that we lack the meaning of our lives.


Mindfulness as an extraordinary tool to train the mind to be present and to be aware of what is happening. Only seeing with clarity we can take the right decisions at the right moment.


MyFullness is an adventure, is the adventure of being a human being at this time in history. Through Mindfulness and Nature, my two passions, my deepest wish is to help people to reduce stress feeling and reconnect with the beauty of life.


Nature as an amazing container to connect with life. Being in Nature we can easily relax, after a day in a forest, we probably see things differently. Nature is an endless place of love, beauty, ease, change, life and mystery, being in Nature we can connect with this qualities within us.

What do I offer?

Mindfulness Courses & Workshops


Mindfulness for Organizations


Whether you are a company, an organisation, a group or a team, mindfulness can be a helpful tool for your people at the workplace.

Improving your presence, to yourself and others, you will improve the quality of your relationships.

Through Mindfulness you will reduce stress and you will also cultivate focus, clarity, creativity, empathy and resilience.

For more than 16 years of career in a multinational, meditation has been my anchor, finding space in difficult times. I’ve been able to handle stress and powerlessness feelings in a much better way, understanding complex situations and then being more responsive and creative rather than carried away by an unconscious reactivity.


Mindfulness in Nature

Mindfulness in Nature is a unique way to be in nature. It is the art of being outdoors with a contemplative presence. Through the power of mindfulness you can cultivate a receptive, open quality of awareness.
Mindfulness in Nature is based on a variety of outdoors practices that I have learnt from:
  • Awake in the Wild practices and book from Mark Coleman, author, coach and senior meditation teacher at Spirit Rock in California
  • Deep ecology teachings from Joanna Macy, PhD author of more than twelve books, she is the root teacher of the Work That Reconnects
  • Forest bathing, techniques and philosophy: “The medicine of being in the forest”

Being in Nature with presence and open awareness you will touch a sense of calm, joy, wonder, love and connection.

It is a powerful way to wake up to the preciousness and the beauty of the earth.

About me

Blanca Martin-Calero

My interest on Meditation and my view of stress as one of the major causes of suffering in society today, lead me to teach Mindfulness programs for wellbeing and stress reduction.

My previous professional experience minimising the environmental impact in Industry awake me up to the environmental challenges we face. Today Nature is a passion, extremely sensitive, that drives me to encourage Nature awareness through outdoors Mindfulness courses and Nature connection practices. In Nature we can strongly connect and develop calm, clarity, creativity and empathy.

Having a past of high level sportsman, from the age of 11 until my 32 years handball was my passion, rather than a sport it was the it was the collective, the group, training together, living together, helping each other, supporting each other, sharing the efforts, the losses and the successes.

Olympic player with the Handball Spanish National Team in 1992 (67 performances with the Spanish National Team), this makes me a fighter and passionate person, someone who enjoys challenges and who believes that life is an adventure we have to live with joy, gratitude and sense of playfulness.

All these values drive me today to stand up a more “mindful” and conscious society, to really appreciate and connect the beauty of life and the planet we share.



  • Certified Professional Mindfulness Teacher, in UK by Mindfulness Training Institute and accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers’ Association.
  • Certifiée pour enseigner le Cycle MBSR  par le  CFM – UMass Medical School (ADM, France 2011-2018 & Nirakara, Madrid 2019-2020). Depuis Septembre 2020, membre de l’ADM (Association pour le Développement de la Mindfulness), association professionnelle regroupant les instructeurs francophones habilités à proposer le programme MBSR.
  • Certified Awake in the Wild (US, 2016-2017) by AITW. Programme  pour enseigner la méditation de Pleine Conscience dans la Nature et apprendre à se re-connecter au vivant.
  • Yin-Yoga Teacher Training (France, 2016-2018, Romulo Pelliza) : le Yin Yoga est un yoga doux et méditative qui travaille en profondeur aux niveaux de tissus conjonctifs permettant de cultiver la connexion au corps et donc aux informations fournis par celui-ci.
  • Cursus complet d’études Unité dans la Dualité (France, 2011-2015): approche laïque de la psychologie bouddhiste, comme une science l’esprit et des phénomènes, pour comprendre et intégrer les techniques de méditation comme des outils de transformation personnelle.
  • Call of the Wild (UK, Devon 2018, 2019 & 2020) with Wild Wise and Schumacher College : a 3 year long foundation course in outdoor education leadership. A nature-connection mentoring training in a more grounded and effective approach, deepen our own presence, awareness and perceptions with the natural world itself. A journey to myself in the beautiful planet.


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